I am pleased to announce the launch of Weare, a unique digital platform to distribute High-Res music contents where my new album “Black & White” will be available as its very first release.

Unlike other many alike around the world, Weare will not be operated to prioritize the profit. With our unique and only philosophy behind, Weaer will be operated by the artists for the artists and the music industry.

In another words, I will not be the only one sitting behind the wheel.

It shall be driven by all the artists who would be vesting their interest to distribute their precious contents on Weare. 

One of our many UPS (unique selling point) is that at Weare, we can provide high quality sound file at lower cost.

In near future, High-Res music will replace all the current music files available in the market and shall become the standard for digital distribution platforms for many years to come.

One of the reasons stopping the High-Res music accepted in the much more wider market is its cost.

I believe when the Vinyl were replaced by the CD, the transition were rapid and smooth because there weren’t much difference in cost.

The industry needs to reflect this result should it want to spread the High-Res music in the market swiftly.

At Weare, we will make our High-Res music available for 400 JPY (approx.. 3.50 USD/2.60 GBP/3.00 Euro) per track.

At Weare, we will return 70% of its taking back to the artists/proprietor of the track.

Weare shall disclose download data anytime when the artists require so.

The rest, 30%, will be allocated to operative cost, (approximately 25% for the system solution, running cost and its overheads and 5% for the third party payment system) If there are any profit made after these operational cost, we shall disclose the fiscal figures in public and will donate such any and all profit to definitive cause.

So as long as Weare should exist, the Artists will have a place

So as long as there are artists, Weare will sustain.

Music is seeking to be loved by the world

If loved, it would want to return the love

Each one of you are the Weare.

On the day of its launch, October 25th, I am the only artist participating at this particular point.

However, there are many congregating under this very flag of Weare.

Once the time is ready after my test run and fulfilling certain criterion of dos and deeds, the artists will be lined up on our Weare.


URL will be open in public on October 25th 2017.


Let the artist be the artist at Weare,

And Let’s make music

Aska of Weare



Music would bring happiness to our lives. It would never convey suffering.

And the artists would devote themselves in an attempt to come up with the closest thing they can create to bring such joy to us.


With the rapid growth of internet technology and the wide spread of mobile devices comes globalization of social grid where people are able to receive much more diversified services than ever. In the music front, people can download or stream their favorite music with tip of your fingers. In 2015, the revenue from the digital distribution exceeded the revenue from conventional retail outlets. It was a tipping point.


It also worked in advantage for the artist making it far more easier to access the wider audiences but this convenience came with a price. With some exception of the few, the price were high enough to those who are no longer given the opportunity to dream of making it as a professional artist. There are many reasons for this outcome but to name one which done the most is that the return of financial reward to the artist had dropped dramatically. You can dismiss this change in such climate simply acknowledging that the time has changed but then you would also have to acknowledge the force which attempts to unlock the future.


With continuous evolution of business model in music industry from CD to digital download to streaming, the price you pay for the music has become unprecedentedly accessible, in another words, very cheap. But it’s also made the dividend to the artist minimal. As a result, the artists are often forced to produce their music with very low budget which starts this vicious circle of discrepancy in the model.


Very foundation of Weare is our attempt to provide the best possible environment for the artist to produce the music and breaking reciprocal sequence of aggravated outcome of current business model.


Thus we launch our best endeavour to make our music available in best high sound quality in lowest cost possible with higher returning to the artists.


Weare will not pursue the profit. That’s NOT who we are.

We believe the artist should be able to nurture their music in much more favourable environment.

Music won’t change the world. We know that much.

But we also know it will provide “Peace”, “Hope”, “Courage”, “Happiness” and “Joy”. We believe that.


So as long as Weare should exist, the Artists will have a place

So as long as there are artists, Weare will sustain.

Weare shall bridge the artists and those who love their music.

Because that’s who Weare..

From who Weare